To enter your worksheets in the system, you’ll need to be logged in and access your dashboard. (note this will redirect you to your account. In order to enter the information you need to complete the worksheets follow these steps)

The content of the worksheets is shown below. Please check the FAQ section at the foot of this page, first, if you have any questions.
Worksheet 1. Business Model Canvas
Worksheet 2. Product/Market Fit (Customer Discovery)
Worksheet 3. Market(s) and Getting to them
Worksheet 4. Product/Technology Validation
Worksheet 5. Finances and Funding
Worksheet 6. Legal
Worksheet 7. Management Team
Worksheet 8. Sustainability
Executive Summary
Investor Presentation
Live Presentation
Presentation Content – Overview

Frequently-Asked Questions on Worksheets

I can’t upload my Excel file for financials! What’s wrong?

You need to convert your excel file (and any other file you upload) to a PDF before uploading. It’s a simple process – instructions can be found here:

NOTE: to create a single pdf from an Excel spreadsheet with multiple tabs:

Windows: Save As …, then select ‘Options’, then select ‘Entire Workbook’

Mac: Print, then select ‘Entire Workbook’ and print to pdf

Am I required to use the Executive Summary template provided by Cleantech Open? We already have an executive summary.

Yes, please. Not all executive summaries were created equal. This one is an important summary that relates to the Cleantech Open process, and it’s one we believe is much better, sharper than the common-or-garden variety.

I can’t seem to upload more than one supplemental document per worksheet… it keeps overriding my existing uploads. Why?

Every upload is an update: you can keep uploading revisions right up to the deadline – each will overwrite the earlier version. That means you are limited to one upload per worksheet. If you have multiple graphics you need to combine the PDFs before uploading. But please remember – keep things concise and to the point! Our judges aren’t going to wade through 50 pages of uploads… they’ll likely take this to mean you can’t prioritize the most important information.

There’s not enough room for everything I want to say!

Remember: your worksheets are there as a precise, step-by-step guide to help you build a successful business. Be concise and to-the-point. Your goal is to be agile, to pivot when needed. Only established companies who’ve throughly figured out their business models need ‘business plans’.

How do I tell if I’m over the character limit for a worksheet question?

The maximum allowable characters are shown next to each question on each worksheet in this form: (<x characters)  where “x” is the number of characters for this question. The number of characters you have remaining are shown at the bottom right of the text box in this form: “Remaining: y” where “y” is the number of characters you have left. If ‘Remaining’ shows a negative number, you have exceeded the maximum and you should trim; any extra text beyond the maximum will not make it into your submission.