Below are the files for the 2015 GCIP Global Webinar Series


Books referenced during these webinars

Access Recordings and Slide Decks of Previous Webinars (July-August 2015)



Webinar 1: Business Model Canvas (1st July 2015)

Slides (PDF): 15-0701_Global Webinar1 BusinessModelCanvas

Webinar Recording:



Webinar 2: Product/ Market Fit (2nd July 2015)

Slides (PDF): 15-0702 Global Webinar2 ProductMarketFit

Webinar Recording:



Webinar 3: Market(s) and Getting to them (8th July 2015)

Slides (PDF): 15-0708 Global Webinar3 Markets_and_getting_to_them

Webinar Recording:


Webinar 4: Product & Technology Validation (9th July 2015)