Become a Judge   Mentor a Team

Be a Part of the Difference 

If you would like to make a real, practical environmental and economic difference and are ready to plug into to a regional, national or global cleantech network, volunteer to be part of the GCIP community.

Be a Member of the GCIP Community 

Volunteers play a significant role in the growth of the Global Cleantech Innovation Programme (GCIP) for SMEs and the success of its entrepreneurs on both a national and regional scale. Volunteers become members of the GCIP community, an exciting opportunity to be part of the programme focused on “finding and fostering” the most innovative entrepreneurs from South Africa with ideas that address today’s most urgent energy, environmental and economic challenges. The community members have the opportunity to engage with the latest innovators and support their efforts in becoming successful, sustainable businesses.

Why Volunteer? 

Volunteers will gain experience at the GCIP in many ways:

Volunteer for the programme

The GCIP aims to maximize every participant’s chances of being successful in the programme, and to raise the probability of achieving sustainable commercial success. Taking on the role of a GCIP volunteer is a great opportunity for professionals to:

Overviews of Volunteer Roles

Volunteers and experts from the public, industry, organisations, government and institutions can participate in the programme to play a role in mentoring the entrepreneurs, join the alumni team or the judging team.

Mentoring Team

The Mentoring Program is a key component of the Programme. The mission of the mentor
program is to maximize every participant’s chances of being prize winners, but most
important, of raising investment capital and of achieving sustainable commercial success.
Mentors and teams are matched based on skills, industries, technologies and regions on the
mentor/team profiles.

Judging Team

The judging teams are local experts to pick the best start-ups who will progress throughout
the Accelerator programme stages on to the national finals.