“The GCIP-SA has taught me the value of thorough understanding and development of a business model through validation. This has enabled AET to develop a sound and bankable business plan… Winning this award made me, a black female who comes from a rural background, realise that anything is possible.”

– Sandiswa Qayi,  AET, Winner of the Most Promising Youth Led Business, 2016



 “The CGIP program pulled me out of my comfort research-zone in such a painless way that I now find it comfortable and even exciting to see myself as an entrepreneur”

– Sara Andreotti, SharkSafe, Runner Up 2017



“What a privilege it is to be given a chance … to grow as a business woman and … to be led by world business strategists. To be part of an international program with weekly webinars.

– Stephanie Pons, TouchTap, Winner of the Innovation for Social Impact Award, 2017



“The access and exposure I have been given has shed much light on the steps I should take, and in some ways the programme thus far has helped me falsify some assumptions I had had about my team’s business.”

Pontsho Moletsane, Yellow Beast (Pty) Ltd, Winner of the Youth Team Award, 2017



“Participating in GCIP-SA is hard work and it stretches entrepreneurs in all areas required for a successful business. I sincerely appreciate the de-risking of the business model. This is one of the very best entrepreneurial accelerator programmes globally.”

– Euodia Naanyane-Bouwer, Gracious Nubian, Runner Up and Winner of the Innovation for Social Impact Award 2017



“For me, it has changed my life. After many years of wondering what I was “doing wrong” with my start-up I discovered I was not doing anything wrong, it was just that I was unaware of the technology adoption cycle.”

Albin Baecker, BioTrans Pole Sleeves, 2017 Finalist



“The GCIP-SA experience has not only fast tracked one of my most disruptive innovations, but it has provided a window of investment connections. The interest I have received through the GCIP-SA experience from other companies, partners and potential clients and investors has been astounding.”

– Yolandi Schoeman – Baoberry, Winner of the GCIP-SA and the Most Promising Women Led Business, 2016



“The GCIP … has energized me to think differently, embrace and identify “hidden” value in resources we as communities already possess that hold solutions to the challenges we as humanity face, while also helping to create sustainable environment for all nature to thrive.”

– Sizwe Mnamatha – Zuka-Yethu, Winner of 2015 Social Impact Award



“The GCIP-SA was fantastic. I am a serial entrepreneur and this is my 5th start-up. I wish I had these tools in the past! For a first time start up, the Business Model Canvas and other aids will not only help you define your product but also validate the market and how to get to it. The content and the process is worth more than any prize at the end!”

Dave Lello, Ekasi Energy, Winner of the GCIP-SA, 2015 and Winner of the Cleantech Open, 2016



“The practical experience, insightful knowledge and business confidence gained are invaluable. The GCIP experience has enabled me to see how to build a bridge from innovation into a socially inclusive micro-enterprise that is able to benefit especially women, but also communities in more marginalised areas. The GCIP enables entrepreneurs to optimise and harmonise a number of disparate elements: enhancing proof of concept, clarifying and executing socio-economic strategies; professional development as women and employers as well as inspiring inventions within a national system of innovation. Visible outcomes have been a stronger social enterprise and the translation of indigenous technology into a what is soon to be a ‘Proudly South African’ brand.”

Louise Williamson, Sustainability Professionals, 2016 Winner of the Innovation for Social Impact Award



“The GCIP-SA has really stimulated me to think through the innovative offering, execution strategies and to understand the essence of environmental sustainability through business. I was particularly inspired by the global platform and coordination of the programme in its entirety.”

Paseka Lesolang Water, Hygiene & Convenience, 2014 runner-up



“GCIP is so much more than the ultimate accelerator. We became part of an international community of like-minded people focussed on working together, helping each other to make the world a better place.”

Martin Ackermann, Thevia, 2016 Runner-Up and Winner of the Green Building Category Award at the Cleantech Open 2017



“The Cleantech Open training program was invaluable to help me move from employee to entrepreneur.  The business gained some credentials but we also derive confidence from knowing that all bases were covered. The company is now in a much stronger position.”

Santa Scheepers, ZingCo, 2015 winner of most promising woman-led business



“The programme was invaluable in understanding how to de-risk a business and successfully take a new product to market. The constant support in the form of on going mentoring and the regular sharing of information from the GCIP-SA tea, regarding the general clean technology developments, other similar programmes and investor relations has been of great assistance.”

Mark Booth, Clear Sky Energy, Winner of the GCIP-SA 2014



“This is like a mini MBA for “Green Entrepreneurs”… The GCIP will radically shift all of the paradigms that you have about your business and will assist you to get the clarity of purpose that you will need to take your idea, concept or business to market and ultimately to commercialisation.”

Nikolas Jankovich, Twerly Street Lights, 2014 finalist



“WOW! WOW! WOW!  Just when I thought I had an idea of how to run a tech business, then the GCIP-SA showed me that I had missed some of the most crucial aspects of running a successful tech company.  GCIP has been an “eye-opener” in many aspects such as forming hypotheses and validating and re-validating markets and being able to “pivot” from an original market sector into an adjacent sector. To limit the passion for one’s product has been the most difficult aspect personally … The network we have formed from the semi-finalists at GCIP-SA is invaluable as we have become a formidable team of innovative South African Entrepreneurs.”

Corinne Greyling, Coco’s Solutions, 2016 finalist



“The GCIP process of interrogating the different elements of the business model and the insight that was gained was extremely valuable. The GCIP experience forced me as a participant though the webinar sessions, worksheet and inverter presentation activities to improve the business model to a level where investors are willing to fund the next step: to prove commercial viability. The GCIP journey have been worth every minute spend.”

Lovell Emslie, Pegasus Engineered Green Mobility, 2016 finalist



“We learnt so much through this experience, much more than we ever thought. The networks we built in the process will serve us for life.”

Leenta Grobler, SMARTPARK, 2017 Semi-finalist



“Despite years of experience in business, developing and bringing a new cleantech innovation to the market as a start-up requires a totally different approach which we had the privilege of learning as we followed the GCIP model.  Besides what we learned, we gained confidence in our endeavours as we discovered that our trials and difficulties were not unique to us and that others had faced them too and had overcome by following the GCIP process, giving us and most importantly our angel investors, courage to carry on.  Presenting our business to potential funders confidently is a powerful skill we have learned and applied.  Relationships with other GCIP members have developed, opening the doors to at least three new avenues of mutually beneficial collaboration.”

Pam Alborough, San Aqua, 2016 runner-up