Sandiswa Qayi

December 5, 2017

“Being part of the business accelerator encouraged me to push beyond boundaries, question and validate my business model and give confidence to write my own business plan.”


Innovation: Energy efficiency and clean-tech hot spot buoyant geyser sleeve.


Description: AET Africa produces solutions to conserve, reuse and improve water heating mechanisms that consider the African climate and socio-economic environment. The Hot Spot is a geyser sleeve that can be fitted over any standard geyser element. The device pushes hot water from the bottom to the top of the geyser, providing 50 litres of hot water (at 50°C) within 30 minutes, which is ideal for a typical household.


The problem: High energy consumption of standard high-pressure geysers, high monthly energy bills and high capital investment required to switch to alternative heating solutions.


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