Message from Gerswynn

March 1, 2018

Gerswynn McKuur

Dear Colleague

As we gear up for a fifth consecutive GCIP-SA cycle, we mark the beginning of a new chapter in the life of GCIP-SA, as the programme is incorporated into TIA (Technology Innovation Agency). We are proud of what has been achieved over the last four years, and excited about the development of the Programme and all associated stakeholders.

TIA CEO, Barlow Manilal, recently described the project as the perfect case study of a successful international partnership, combining local and international expertise in support of the country’s national priorities. He said that TIA’s association with UNIDO in the implementation of the GCIP-SA “reflects a meeting of minds and an absolute alignment of purpose.”

So, it is onward and upward for our team, as we put the finishing touches to the application process for 2018. We will be announcing the details of this years’ programme in early March.

Three South African cleantech innovators participated in the GCIP Global Week and Cleantech Open Global Forum in Los Angeles at the end of January 2018, joining other top GCIP entrepreneurs from around the world. The trip to Los Angeles was part of the prize package received by 2017 GCIP-SA winner Bandile Dlabantu and runners-up Sara Andreotti and Euodia Naanyane-Bouwer in November last year. Naanyane-Bouwer received a special category commendation for social impact at the Global Forum for the reusable, biodegradable Gracious Nubian sanitary pads. Dlabantu developed a modular insect bioconversion unit for the production of the insect-based protein Khepri Meal made from organic waste, while Dr Sara Andreotti represented the eco-friendly SharkSafe Barrier, which keeps sharks separated from swimmers and surfers, addressing losses in terms of human and marine life and tourism revenue. Read more

In a new development, UNIDO announced Alumni Leaders who will act as honorary GCIP ambassadors and attend selected events. UNIDO will continue supporting and working with them to further strengthen the innovation systems in partner countries and globally. In this regard, we congratulate Paseka Lesolang and Louise Williamson who were selected as the two South Africa Alumni Leaders for 2018. These awards are a huge endorsement, and acknowledgement of their commitment and respective achievements. Read more

As usual, there are many new stories to tell about the various achievements of our GCIP-SA entrepreneurs and alumni. Their successes are fundamental to our shared objective of long-term value creation.

As we kick-start this new GCIP-SA chapter, we look forward to engaging with various potential partners that are interested in clean technologies, and/or carbon offset opportunities. The partner value proposition continues to grow, and we are excited to have these conversations with as many relevant organisations as possible.


Gerswynn McKuur

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