Andre Nel

December 5, 2017

“Being exposed to entrepreneurs from other developing countries during the San Francisco trip helped me understand the challenges of disruptive technologies while providing motivation to persevere through difficulties.”


Innovation: GreenTower Microgrids affordably provide electricity, fresh water, hot water & sanitation from renewable resources for self-sustainable communities


The problem:  In South Africa around 7 million electric water heaters consume more than 10GW, or a third of total available grid capacity. Low-income housing projects are particularly affected by high energy costs.

The solution:

Pivot: GreenTower has changed from household rooftop systems to Microgrids for property developers, corporates, retirement homes and low-income housing.

What’s next? Eco-V is working on improved software to manage GreenTower Microgrids and provide for industrial scale and also integrate with wind turbines. Future markets include student accommodation, shopping malls and hospitality.


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