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PowWow Energy

Tagline: Save water and energy. No sweat! Join PowWow Energy.

Competition : Cleantech Open 2013 Accelerator

Category: Energy Distribution & Storage

Abstract: Our team is composed of talented professionals with complementary expertise in data analytics, software development, and electrical systems. The founder was previously the CEO of Monitoring Division Inc. that developed a data mining technology to measure the performance of infrastructure networks without turning off traffic, and that sold services to Tier-1 telecom operators. We want to transform the Agriculture and Water market by addressing the operational problems of farmers and ranchers with innovative solutions that save energy and water.

Other:  Last year’s Grand Prize Winner.


Tagline: Turn Plastic Waste to Fuel.

Competition: Cleantech Open 2013 Accelerator

Category: Agriculture- Water- Waste

Abstract Our Team: Yiming Wu (M.Eng. in Manufacturing @ MIT), Operational Consultant @ Applied Materials, inventor of 6 patents. Bril Wang (M.S. in Chemical Engineering @ Stanford U.), Project Management @ Applied Materials, Catalyst Expert. Hang Chen (ongoing Ph.D. candidate in Chemistry @ MIT), specialized in materials and chemical reaction, with 5 publications. Xuan Zhang (M.Eng. in Management @ Duke), Management Consultant at Accenture. We want to make our cost-effective plastic-to-oil solution available to the mass market. We want to disrupt this market with our disruptive technology innovation. So far, there is no player out there could address the mass market, and there is no player out there make this technology available to the mass waste management facilities and metal recycling facilities. We want to be the leader in this space to address the rising issue of huge plastic landfill cost, in terms of millions of dollars for those waste facilities. Instead, we will help them generate millions of profit margin each year.

Other: Western Region  2013 Finalist


Tagline: Closing the Loop in the Water Management Life Cycle

Competition: Cleantech Open 2013 Accelerator

Category: Chemicals & Advanced Materials

Abstract: Tethis develops and markets super-absorbent biodegradable foams and powders in various water treatment industries under the product name Tethex. Based around a patented technology, Tethis solves the risk, cost, and technical difficulties found in the treatment of highly concentrated brine waste as well as other hazardous wastes. Tethis is made up of scientists and serial entrepreneurs

Other: Finalist 2013 Southeast Region


Tagline: Energy Efficiency – Lighting Control Technology

Competition: Cleantech Open 2013 Accelerator

Category: Energy Efficiency

Abstract : TylerCo, Inc. is a lighting manufacturer that specializes in energy efficient lighting technology. TylerCo’s main clients are commercial building owners and operators looking to save energy and reduce operating costs. TylerCo has completed projects for Union 76, Carl’s Jr Restaurants, County of Orange, and multiple installations in multi-story buildings in downtown LA.

Other: Western Region 2013 Finalist

Dragonfly Systems

Tagline: Module-Level Power Electronics for Utility-Scale Solar Installations

Competition: Cleantech Open 2013 Accelerator

Category: Energy Generation

Abstract: Dragonfly Systems’ new series-parallel hybrid system architecture eliminates mismatch losses by preventing low-performing panels from limiting the output of high-performing panels. The Dragonfly device is a power electronics circuit that is installed on the back of each solar panel. During operation, the device gathers data about its module’s performance. If it determines a bad module elsewhere in the string is limiting its module’s output, it sends its module’s extra power through a parallel conductor so it can be returned to the system.

Other: Western Region 2013 Finalist


Tagline: Marketing Optimization, Customer Engagement and Behavior Change Technology for Utilities

Competition: Cleantech Open 2013 Accelerator

Category: Information & Communications Technologies (ICT)

Abstract: SEEDS–a spin-off of Shelton Group, the nation’s leading sustainability and energy efficiency marketing innovation agency–offers marketing optimization, customer engagement, and behavior change programs for utility energy efficiency programs. Our first product, Do 5 Things, launches in the market in September.

Other: Finalist 2013 Southeast Region