Mentoring Programme

All our mentors are highly experienced business leaders who have volunteered their time to help ensure the success of all participating teams. Subject to availability of suitable mentors, teams can count on help with:

Throughout the Programme you will have access to a variety of mentors based on your needs and the areas of expertise in which you require support.


  1. Generalist Mentors

    Generalist mentors are experienced professionals with proven records of success in either relevant clean technology industries or innovation-driven start-ups who become key assets for the participating teams. In the context of the accelerator, generalist mentors become a champion for your team, coaching and leading the team to build excellent business models and investor pitches on which you will be judged. Outside the accelerator, successful generalist mentors become trusted advisors for the team, often introducing you to potential investors, partners and customers.

  2. Specialist Mentors

    Tapping world-class expertise in key functional disciplines like finance, marketing, engineering, sustainability and legal is vital for our contestants to build successful enterprises. Specialist Mentors are an elite group of subject matter experts who act as resources for your team during the accelerator. Typical specialist mentors are management-level at companies large and small who are recognized leaders in their discipline.