Judging Criteria

The path to becoming a participant in the accelerator and going on to be a finalist then hopefully a prize winner is based on 3 rounds of judging. Each round is a source of feedback, training, and foundation for creating a successful and sustainable business.

Round 1: Judging the Applications

This occurs right after the Application deadline each year. Applications are reviewed by a team of judges in the region in which the teams applied. The applications are reviewed by a panel of three or more judges from the academic, research, business and venture communities, including experienced professors, engineers, entrepreneurs, angel and venture investors, environmental experts and legal professionals. A phone interview may also be included to answer any questions the judges may have.

In Round 1 judges are looking for:

Criterion Description
Team Minimum two people; team members must be credible, able to attract additional quality team members; at least one team member must be RSA resident or citizen; no member of the team is directly affiliated with the operation of the GCIP
Technology   The technology or service fits within one or more of the four technology categories of the GCIP, is potentially disruptive innovation and/or demonstrates the potential
for a sustainable competitive advantage; the product, service or business model has protected or protectable IP or know-how
Market The potential market size is large enough for sustained business growth, and aligned with the expectations of possible funding sources (if any)
Basic Due Diligence The team owns its own IP, or has a reasonable expectation of protection of know-how

If you make it through Round 1 you will become a Global Cleantech Innovation Programme Participant in the region in which you applied, for the rest of the program during the Programme year.