Paseka and Louise announced as SA’s 2018 GCIP Alumni Leaders

February 27, 2018

“Words cannot express my gratitude for the wealth of knowledge accumulated over the months, the exposure and constant support of the GCIP-SA beyond the official programme period.” Paseka Lesolang

Congratulations to Paseka Lesolang and Louise Williamson who were acknowledged asSouth Africa’s GCIP Alumni Leaders for 2018, in a new category of awards launched at the Cleantech Open Global Forum in Los Angeles in February 2018. These awards were made as a sign of appreciation of the successes of GCIP alumni companies

Lesolang was a runner up in the 2014 GCIP-SA for his innovation, the WHC Leak-Less ValveTM, a water control device that can detect and save up to 70% of water currently lost through toilet leaks, saving the money that is used to pay for this wasted water. He has also recently been selected as a partner in the MassMart Supplier Development Programme.globally which have achieved considerable economic growth and environmental impact.

Williamson was the recipient of the 2016 GCIP-SA Innovation for Social Impact award for the fuel-efficient Mashesha Syngas Stoves, which use biomass/wood fuel for large-scale cooking. The fuel consumption of the Mashesha stoves is half that normally required for cooking on open fires and the stoves are also much safer, reducing smoke through its use of a closed

“GCIP has enabled me to bring my innovation to a socially inclusive micro-enterprise that benefits mostly women in marginalised communities.” Louise Williamson

Alumni Leaders from other GCIP countries are Hari Rao, Agnisumukh (India); Ramaness Parasuraman, Free The Seed and Chelsea Chee, Mentari Alam Eko (Malaysia); Faisal Bashir, Tawanai Solutions and Zille Maryam Sohail, Green Team (Pakistan); Hamza El Baroudi and Nicolas Kepel, PEPS (Morocco); and Erkin Gozdereliler, NG Biotechnology and Zeynep Yurtkuran Ceterez, Biyans (Turkey).

Alumni Leaders will act as honorary GCIP ambassadors in 2018 at national and selected global events, and UNIDO will continue supporting and working with them to further strengthen the innovation systems in partner countries and globally.

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