GCIP-SA at the 2017 SAEEC Conference

November 16, 2017

GCIP-SA alumnus Lovell Emslie of Pegasus Green Engineered Mobility participated in a joint GCIP-SA and Low Carbon Transport – South Africa (LCT-SA) session at the 12th Southern African Energy Efficiency Confederation Conference (SAEEC), which took place at Emperor’s Palace on 14 and 15 November 2017. The session was facilitated by GCIP-SA national programme manager Gerswynn Mckuur. The GCIP-SA also exhibited at the Conference. 

The theme of the session, ‘The future is arriving – trends and innovations in transport and mobility”, lent itself to fascinating insights and information on  both global and local trends and developments. Actions in the energy sector can make or break efforts to achieve the world’s agreed climate goals and, as energy use for transport accounts for nearly 25 percent of energy usage globally and 34 percent locally, innovation in this industry is of great significance.


Joining four other speakers from the private sector, development agency UNIDO and the LCT-SA, Lovell spoke about alternative fuels for mobility. Topics such as the state and future of public transportation, electric vehicles and non-motorised transport were covered, as well as the current challenges and potential for the industry.

The annual SAEEC Conference is an important national event where delegates are exposed to the latest information on  economic and market forces, new technologies, regulatory developments and industry trends that will impact the  energy and economic future of the country.

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